Which sites are offering cash back for buying products online?

The term “cash back” refers to the type of interest-bearing rewards a company pays to customers for buying online.

It has been around since the early 2000s and can often be used to refer to cash back on other products such as airline tickets.

“The most important thing for anyone who has a problem with this is not to use the word ‘cash,'” says Kevin Lien, a money-management expert at UBC’s Sauder School of Business.

When the company offers cash back as part of a credit or debit card, the money is held in a secured account with a third party, such as a bank or a credit union.

But when customers use the same credit or bank card to buy a product online, the product is bought online from the retailer, with no customer involvement.

Cash back sites have sprung up in recent years in the United States, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom, where they are available through merchants such as Walmart, Target, Home Depot and Walmart.

They include a range of different products, ranging from home goods to appliances and toys.

Some sites, including CashBack.com, offer cash back in a range that ranges from 0.25 per cent to 25 per cent on many products.

Others, such a site called Cashback Cash Back, offer customers up to 25 cents on the dollar, depending on the type and size of product.

In the United Arab Emirates, cashback is offered on most products, including electronics and clothing.

The sites, which offer customers the chance to earn money back for shopping online, often also offer free shipping, as well as discounts on electronics, electronics accessories and other goods.

Many of the sites are operated by big retailers, such Walmart and Target, as opposed to small online retailers, which are generally independent.

The sites are sometimes also operated by international retailers, and are often more profitable for the companies that run them.

Companies such as Amazon, Walmart, Costco, HomeDepot, Target and Zappos are all active in the space, though their offerings vary.

Even the terms of service for the sites vary, and some companies will provide detailed terms and conditions to customers and employees.

A sign outside a cashback site reads, “Terms and Conditions apply,” but not necessarily for all sites, said Lien.

Lien said some of the most popular sites are “exotic malls” that allow people to shop from home, which is a popular activity among younger people and people who have little to no credit.

There are also sites that allow customers to pay for items online and then pick up their items from the stores that are close by, or offer a credit to people who buy items at those locations.

While some companies have found success in attracting consumers by offering cashback, others have struggled with how to appeal to people with lower credit scores.

PayPal, for example, offers a cash back program, but many people are not willing to sign up for it, says Chris Sallis, an associate professor at UB Sauder.

Instead, customers can use credit card rewards cards to pay with their credit cards or to make cash purchases, he says.

Another common challenge is that cash back is often seen as a way to give people a way of saving money.

It is often used to encourage people to buy items for themselves, rather than on behalf of others, says Sallas.

To encourage shoppers to use their credit card, some companies offer cashback points, which can be redeemed for a variety of goods.

That can be used for purchases such as groceries, clothing, furniture, car repair or other merchandise, but it can also be used as an incentive for people to save money.

Sallis also said many customers feel like they are buying things that they do not need, and can end up paying for items that they could not afford.

He says many people feel discouraged by the industry, especially after a recent news article in the U.K. that found cash back was a popular way to make money online.

Other sites, such Target’s Cashback Rewards, offer offers that include cash back payments on a range from 30 to 50 per cent of a product’s price, with the offer valid for up to five years, according to the site’s website.

It says the offer is valid for purchases made on the Target website or on other Target.ca sites, but only if a cardholder has logged in and redeemed the credit card within the past seven days.

This offer does not apply to purchases made at other Target stores, the site says.