Which retailer is the cash back of choice?

Cash back rewards cards are becoming increasingly popular among consumers and are increasingly available for both retailers and consumers.

In a recent report from the Better Business Bureau, cash back rewards card offers accounted for 25 per cent of the total cash back offers in Canada.

Cash back offers are usually offered for one to three weeks, but can be extended up to four months.

The BBA said the total value of the cash rewards offers on offer varies from one card issuer to the next.

In Ontario, cashback cards are offered for two to five weeks, with some cards offering three or more cashback offers.

In Alberta, the average cashback offer is four to six weeks.

Cashback offers are available in cash and at a variety of store locations.

Cash and chips are also offered for cashback purchases at Target, Home Depot, Walgreens, Costco and many other retailers.

Cash Back rewards are available on select purchases, with the largest discounts available on certain items, such as groceries, electronics, electronics accessories and appliances.

The cashback rewards offer varies depending on the retailer, and the offer is valid for the period that the cardholder is enrolled.

Consumers should always check with the card issuer for the best offer for their card, the BBA advises.

For example, if you use a cash back card in a store that offers a minimum spend of $100, you might qualify for a maximum cash back offer of $1,000 for the entire purchase.

You might also qualify for an annual or quarterly cash back reward.

However, there are other cashback options that can be applied for that offer.

For instance, if the card holder spends $1.25 or more at Target within the first six months of the card account, the cashback is added to their credit limit and can be redeemed for an eligible purchase of the same type.

For other cards, the offer may include the same amount, but you may be eligible for an extra payment of up to $500 for each qualifying purchase.

Other cashback offerings can include $100 cashback at Costco, $150 cashback in Target, $250 cashback and up to one year of the Barclaycard Premier Rewards Credit Card, which is offered by Chase.

CashBack Rewards is also available at many gas stations and grocery stores, and at some restaurants.

Some of these offers are offered on the card’s homepage, while others are available through phone or email.

Cash rewards can be transferred to your account or used for travel expenses or purchases made online.

Cashbacks can be used at most major retailers, including Target, Walgreen, Costco, Costco Wholesale and most grocery and convenience store chains.

Some cashback promotions also include discounts on certain purchases at select stores, such the Costco Club, which offers a 20 per cent discount on selected items.

The retailer can also offer cash back on eligible purchases, but the offer must be redeemed within the next three months, and may not be extended.

Some cards also offer rewards on some other purchases, such a 10 per cent cashback bonus for purchases of $500 or more or $10 cashback for $100 purchases.

The cards can also be used to make purchases on other credit cards, such Mastercard, Visa and Discover.

Some card issuers may also offer a cashback credit limit of $3,500, which limits the amount of cash rewards that can flow to the card user.

Some retailers also offer other rewards that are available to a limited number of cards, including the ability to redeem cash back for a minimum purchase of $250.

For a complete list of the major card issuances, visit the BBB’s website.

What to know about cashback rates The BBB offers a cash advance rate, or cash back rate, which ranges from a low of 5 per cent to a high of 10 per per cent.

The rate varies based on how many eligible purchases are made and how long the card is active.

A higher rate typically applies to cashback balances over $500 and is available to customers who have purchased at least $100 of eligible purchases in the past three months.

In the past, the rate was capped at 5 per per day.

Some other types of cashback include cash back at gas stations, grocery stores and restaurants, as well as cash back from certain retailers and restaurants.

There are also other cash rewards offered by the banks that are not eligible for the lower rate.

The banks offer cashback on many purchases, including certain grocery and household items, as part of the regular cash back program.

The offer is available for three to five days, but some cards may be extended for up to six months.