Which Amazon Prime members are redeeming cash back?

The popular e-commerce site has become an unlikely goldmine for cashback shoppers, as more and more retailers accept credit cards as a payment method.

Now, some retailers are offering Amazon cashback for any amount you can imagine.

Read More , with the ability to redeem your money for items that are currently discounted at 50% or more on the site.

Here are some of the most popular places to find cashback on Amazon.

Some items that can be redeemed for cash back:Dyson Cash Back: Dyson, L Brands, Sears, Littlstar, Staples, and Home Depot will be the top retailers that accept Dyson Cash back.

You can get 10% cashback, with a $10 discount on items that have a $100 purchase price or less.

For example, you can get $100 worth of clothing at Dyson.

If you purchase that item, you will receive 10% of the purchase price.

L Brands will be another popular retailer to find Amazon cash back.

L Brands also offers a 10% Cash Back option, but only on certain products.

You will receive $10 cashback and get 10%, not 20%, on that item.

If the item is discounted more than $50, you would get 20%.

If you don’t have a Dyson credit card, you may want to consider using a debit card, such as a Discover or Visa, to buy some items.

For more details, check out our guide to debit cards.

Sears will also be a popular place to find Cash back, as Sears offers a 15% Cash back option.

You could get $50 in cash back for an item of $50 or less, or a $200 worth of items at $50.

For an example, a pair of shoes, which you could also get 10 cents back on, would net you $200.

Sophia, the online fashion retailer, will also offer a 10%-off Cash Back program for a limited time.

You’ll get 10%-of-any-price-item cash back when you shop with Sophia at $25 or more.

The minimum amount of cash back you need to apply for is $100, and you can qualify for cash-back rewards by shopping at Sophia or using Sophia Pay.

The Amazon Cashback Rewards Program offers cashback rewards for Amazon customers who purchase products at participating retailers and who also pay with their credit card.

The Rewards Program is good for all categories, including:Items purchased with a credit card: $50 (for $50 purchases) $100 (for purchases of $100 or more) $200 (for items of $200 or more).

Cash back will be credited on the purchase date.

Credit card purchases: $100 for a $50 purchase (for up to 5 purchases per credit card) $500 for a purchase of $500 or more (for a maximum of 5 purchases).

Cashback will be applied on the date of the payment.

Cashback rewards applied to your account: $500 Cashback amount will be deducted from your balance within 72 hours of the transaction.

The Rewards Program also allows you to earn Amazon points to spend at Amazon, and earn them in-store.

You may earn 10, 20, 30, or 40 Amazon points for each eligible purchase, which can be used towards eligible purchases, such to items at Amazon.com, Amazon Prime, or any of the many other products you purchase.

If you purchase items on Amazon, you’ll get a 10-percent cashback reward for each purchase made through the Rewards Program.

If a retailer offers Amazon Cash back for the same purchase, you could receive up to $500 in cashback.

The total cashback is worth $1,500.

In the United States, Amazon also offers cash back rewards for purchases at participating locations in select states.

You might qualify for Amazon Cash Back by shopping in-person at a participating store.

You would receive $100 cashback per purchase.

You need to be a current Amazon Prime member to qualify.

If your Prime membership expires, you still qualify for the cash back reward, but you would need to complete a redemption process.

You can also earn cash back at Amazon through other ways, such with rewards card programs, or through Amazon Prime Day.

Cashback is credited on Amazon Prime day, when Prime members earn free two-day shipping.

You’d need to sign up for a Prime membership to earn this cash back on Amazon day.

Amazon has also partnered with Shopify to offer a Cash Back reward program for customers who spend $250 on products.

Cash back is awarded based on your eligible purchases.

You earn cashback by making purchases using Shopify, including Prime, with any of their popular products.

For a full list of cashback redemption options, check your local Amazon store.

To learn more about Amazon’s cashback programs, you might want to read our guide How to Get Amazon CashBack for Free or our Amazon Cash Outlet guide How To