Which AirBnb cards can I use?

Macys Cashback, the popular airline card that lets you pay your rent, grocery bills and bills on the go, has been updated to include a new perk: an AirBnB bonus.

The card, which offers a $100 bonus for every $1 spent on a booking within 30 days, was added to AirBNB’s platform on Tuesday.

The new feature was added on March 12, just days after the airline began offering the bonus to users.

Macys said the feature was part of an effort to boost app downloads, promote travel and get users onboard with AirBnds.

It is the first time AirBbn has offered a $1 cash back to users of its own card.

AirBnb also announced a new feature on March 7, which allows customers to earn an additional $100 cash back on any booking within 60 days.

Air Bnb customers can earn an extra $100 per month, for a total of $1,000 cash back every month, if they sign up for a card within 90 days of the date of their first booking.

The airline’s app is updated with the new feature, which is available on the iPhone and iPad app stores, and the Android app.

Apple said it added the $100 reward to the Apple Pay app in September.