When the world’s biggest retailer pays its employees $500 a day

Cash back for some of Australia’s biggest retailers is now being offered to its employees via the Dubli cashback scheme.

The scheme was introduced last year and is being rolled out across all stores across Australia and will be offered for a maximum of six months.

The Dubli program is part of the ongoing rollout of the Dubl Cashback scheme and will also be available to small business owners who buy products online through a new business account that is designed for small business operators.

Under the scheme, customers can get up to $500 cashback per month for purchases made through the Dublis Business Account.

It is available for all businesses and for customers who have an existing business account or who are new to the online business.

This is the first time that Dubl cashback has been offered directly to employees.

Under Dubl, an employee can receive up to an additional $500 per month when they buy goods through their business account.

Dubli also offers a range of other perks, including a discount on certain merchandise and access to discounts on certain products and services.

The cashback will be deposited into the Dublu Business Account within three days of the purchase.

Dubli is the only retailer offering Dubl to employees, which means that any employee who receives the Dubll Cashback is also eligible to receive a Dubl discount.

The Cashback Program Manager for the Dubleys, Robyn Fissell, said employees who were enrolled in the Dublica Cashback program could receive a discount of up to 10 per cent on some products.

Ms Fisell said Dubl would also be offering employees the opportunity to earn up to 25 per cent cashback on purchases made with Dubli Cashback.

She said the cashback would be deposited within three weeks of the transaction and the employee would receive the additional cashback when the discount was available.

Ms Fissell said employees would not be required to purchase the items, which would be included in the employee’s Dubli Business Account when the cash is paid out.

Mr Fisssell said Dubli was an excellent business to work for and the cashbacks offered to staff would not negatively affect their job performance.

“Dubl’s employees are the heart of the business and the Dublies are a fantastic group of people,” he said.

The DublCashback program will continue until the end of 2020, with a further six months of Dubl payments to be available in the interim.

A spokeswoman for the ABC said the company was pleased to be offering Dubli as part of its workplace discount program.

She said Dublis was working with the ABC to ensure the program was compliant with Australian and New Zealand law and its policies and practices.

“The DubllCashback Program manager is also working closely with Dubley to ensure all of the relevant regulations are followed and the program is running as intended,” she said.

The ABC asked the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) for an update on the Dubles Cashback, but did not receive a reply.