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Jewel Cashback Citizens Cashback Microcenter Cashback Jewel CashBack Citizens CashBack Microcenter (MED) Jewel CashBACK Citizens CashBACK Microcenter – Jewel Cashbacks are a cashback program that offers discounts on products and services at retail stores, convenience stores, and other merchants. 

These are cashback programs that offer lower prices to the consumer and can be applied at participating stores or online.

Jewel Cash Back Citizens Cash Back Microcenter  Microcenter is a cash back program that is offered to those who have purchased a certain amount of eligible goods and services from participating microcenter stores and online retailers.

Jewel Store Coupons and Discounts  These coupons and discount coupons can be used at participating Jewel Store stores, which are located across the country.

JewelStore Coupons & Discounts Jewel Store Discounts  Jewel Store offers discount coupons and coupon codes to its consumers.

Coupons are redeemable for a variety of merchandise, ranging from $10 to $250, and some coupons can also be used to purchase a product. 

The codes can be redeemed for various products and coupons, including: 1% off at select Jewel Store locations and online 2% off on select items 3% off select items and 4% off selected items 5% off gift cards 6% off all purchases 7% off purchases 8% off apparel, footwear, and accessories 9% off all purchases 10% off merchandise 11% off jewelry 12% off cosmetics 13% off toys 14% off electronics 15% off furniture 16% off accessories 17% off shoes 18% off clothing 19% off footwear 20% off home accessories 21% off kitchenware 22% off carpet 23% off furnishings 24% off office supplies 25% off travel accessories 26% off food 27% off hair care 28% off personal care 29% off gifts 30% off men’s grooming 31% off haircuts 32% off eyewear 33% off purses 34% off sunglasses 35% off beauty products 36% off health products 37% off makeup 38% off fragrances 39% off toiletries 40% off teas 41% off shampoo 42% off toothpaste 43% off shaving cream 44% off body products 45% off perfumes 46% off vitamins 47% off soap 48% off detergent 49% off nail care 50% off candles 51% off household cleaners 52% off laundry detergent (excluding shower soap) 53% off dish detergent   54% off cleaning products 55% off hand sanitizer 56% off deodorant 57% off conditioner 58% off facial oil 59% off skin lotion 60% off moisturizer 61% off shower gel 62% off lotion (including shower gel) 63% off bath bombs 64% off baby wipes 65% off face lotion**64% of all discounts are redeemables at participating retailers, and can only be used once per person per month 69% of coupons and coupons available online 70% of discounts are available on select products at participating online retailers 73% of discounted items can be purchased for $1,000 or less 75% of discount coupons 77% of coupon codes can only take effect on a single transaction per person each month 78% of cashback coupons can only earn a cash return in the same transaction each month