What is Petal Cash Back?

The new program lets people use their cash to get free groceries, free haircuts, or free flights on flights booked through the airlines partner app.

The program also allows people to earn free shipping on orders from $35 or more.

But the airline partners also let customers redeem their rewards points for free flights.

For example, if you use your points to buy a $60 ticket from an airline partner, you can redeem those points to get a free $60 round-trip flight on an upcoming trip from Denver to Boston.

And the airline partner app will even help you redeem your points for the cheapest airfare on a new flight, according to the airline.

So if you’re booking a flight for $55 from Chicago to Houston, and you get an invitation to Petal Rewards, you could redeem your rewards points to take a free flight from Houston to Dallas, for example.

If you have more than one pet, the airline can also let you redeem those same points for an additional pet free of charge.

The airline partners have not yet released details on how to use the rewards points, but they’re also not offering any sort of discount on flights.

“It’s going to be an easy and convenient way to earn Petal points for your next flight,” the airline wrote in an email.

The new Petal program will be available starting in January, and the rewards program will expand as the program expands, according the airline’s website.

Petal has partnered with American Airlines and Southwest Airlines in the past, but those airlines only let you earn points in the US.

Now that it’s coming to the US, American and Southwest are allowing pet owners to earn points as well.