U.S. approves $2.3 billion in aid to Saudi Arabia

The United States on Thursday approved a $2 billion package to help Saudi Arabia curb a deadly outbreak of coronavirus.

The U.N. Security Council approved the $2-billion package in a unanimous vote, a move that will be seen as a victory for Saudi Arabia as the United States works to quell the coronaviral pandemic.

The Saudi government had sought a $1.7 billion package for the kingdom.

U.K. Ambassador Mark Lyall Grant said the U.U.S.-Saudi alliance had played a major role in curbing the outbreak and called the U-S.

aid a “historic” deal.

“The United States has taken the lead in supporting the Saudi Government’s response to the pandemic and has provided support for the implementation of measures designed to prevent coronaviruses from spreading,” Grant said.

The agreement will help to prevent the spread of the coronivirus to Saudi citizens and workers.

Saudi Arabia is the world’s top exporter of drugs and has the world number two market for drugs, and the country has been hit by several waves of deadly coronavids in recent months.

Saudi authorities have been cracking down on illegal activities linked to the virus.

The government has imposed restrictions on people, including those who travel to the country for work.

In a statement, Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Ministry said it is “pleased that the United Kingdom and the United Nations have approved the Saudi proposal.”

“It is important that the Saudi government continues to pursue effective measures against illegal activity and terrorist financing,” the ministry said. U