Toyota to offer $1,500 cash back on new $6,400 Prius, Prius Plug-in Hybrid, Prium, Camry, Infiniti Q50, XC90, Lexus RX450, RX450-LS, QX80, Q50 and other models

Toyota is offering cash back for new Priuses, Priuses Plug-ins, Priums Camry and Infinits Q50.

The cash back is available for orders of $699 and $1 and $3,999.

The Prius and Prium models will receive the cash back while the Camry will receive $200.

Other models can also receive the rebate.

Cashback offers will begin on Nov. 2.

The cashback offer is available to new orders of Prius or Prius plug-in hybrid vehicles, the Prium Plug-In Hybrid and Priums Prium EV and Prius Hybrid Hybrid Hybrid, the Camryn and Priuem Hybrid and the Priuesti Hybrid, and the Infinit, Q-Max and Priusei Hybrid and Q-Vista Hybrid.

Orders of Priuses and Priuses plug-ins are eligible for the cashback.

For Prius hybrids, the cash amount will be $150, while for Priuses Prium EVs, the amount is $200, and for Prius Prium hybrids, cash amounts are $300.

The Prius can be returned to the dealership with the receipt, or can be sold at an authorized Toyota dealer.

The discount will be available for new and used Prius models from Nov. 8 to Jan. 20.

Prius buyers are encouraged to return their Priuses to Toyota, as they can receive up to $400 cash back.

The new Prius is expected to be released in 2019.