Target shoppers can get $500 cash back on cash back items

BALTIMORE — Target shoppers can use $500 in cash back from the retailer’s new online cash back program to get cash back online, a retailer spokeswoman said Friday.

The program will begin Jan. 14, according to the Target spokeswoman.

The cash back will be matched with an equivalent dollar amount of Target merchandise.

Target offers cash back for up to $500 from participating merchants, including, select Target mobile apps,, Target Pay, Target Credit Cards and Target PayPlus.

The program will start at 1:01 p.m.

ET on Jan. 13.

Target’s cash back can be used to buy items from, Target’s online store in Germany, and Target Gift Cards.

“Target will work closely with our partners to make sure our program is working as designed and that customers are earning cash back through these programs,” Target spokeswoman Amy McBride said.

Ticketmaster, another online retailer, is also offering a cash back gift card program to shoppers.

Cashback items can be redeemed for Target gift cards at, Target Home, Target Gift Card and Target Cash Back Program.

Target offers the gift card for up for $200, and can redeem it for Target purchases at Target stores.

Last month, Target reported its first quarter revenue loss of $2.2 billion.

The retailer also posted a $3.6 billion quarterly loss in the prior year.