Recode: Apple Pay is now the best way to buy apps and games

Apple Pay was supposed to be a way to make buying apps and gaming easier, but the company is now seeing more success in both areas than ever before.

The company has now surpassed Amazon and PayPal in the app store and the gaming space, and has also seen significant growth in both the number of developers using Apple Pay and the number signing up to its ecosystem.

“Apple Pay has been a big success,” says Josh Hager, an analyst at Gartner.

“You can buy anything from $5.99 apps like Angry Birds to $60 games like Rocket League.

Apple Pay has really taken off in the gaming market, and I think that’s really exciting for Apple.

They’ve taken on the gaming world and are making it a more viable business.”

The biggest difference is that Apple Pay doesn’t require a credit card, which has led to more than 1 billion transactions since it launched.

“It’s much easier to use Apple Pay on a regular day than credit card,” Hager says.

The other big difference is the way Apple Pay works.

Users simply tap the Pay button on the upper-right corner of the screen to begin paying.

The money is sent to a device that uses a special chip that can send payments as an encrypted “Mastercard-like” transaction.

The chip is used to verify the payment, but it’s also used to authenticate transactions made on the merchant’s app store, which is why Hager is hesitant to say Apple Pay will ever be a viable payment option.

Apple’s new payment system isn’t as fast as it used to be, but that’s mostly because it’s trying to push apps and services beyond their own ecosystem, Hager notes.

In other words, it’s using the technology in ways that make it easier to sell to more people.

Apple says its new system will be used by 10 billion people a year, and Hager expects it will eventually be the dominant way for consumers to buy things like video games and movies.