JetBlue Cash Back website crashes due to security breach

JetBlue is now offering cash back to people who log into its JetBlueCashBack website to receive an iPad, iPhone, or Android smartphone for a maximum of $50 off the price of the purchase.

The company has also introduced a new service, JetBluePay, to let users earn a $50 JetBlue credit to spend on JetBlue products.

Users will need to create an account to earn the cash back and receive their first JetBlue card.

For example, a user can earn $50 in credit for buying an iPad or $50 on a credit card.

To earn a JetBluecard, users must pay the card’s purchase price and then spend the card on JetBlues products.

To make the transaction, users have to enter their credit card information and then click the “Pay Now” button on the JetBlue website.

Users can use JetBlue cards at participating retailers, including Walmart, Best Buy, Macy’s, Target, Walmart Express, Macy Cares, and Home Depot.

The JetBlue account must be active for the credit to be earned.

The JetBlue payment website is currently offline and cannot be accessed.

The company has not responded to a request for comment.