How to pay your airbnb rent with Zales cashback

Zales has launched a cashback program for people who stay at its hotel in Dublin.

The program is aimed at helping families pay the rent for their properties while they are in the city.

Zales, which has hotels in Cork, Corktown, Galway and Dublin, has teamed up with Airbnb and Zales Resorts to offer the cashback.

Airbnb is a US-based booking site and hosts its own listings in Dublin, but it has struggled to break into the Irish market.

Zealand’s Zales is one of the largest Airbnb rentals in the world.

The company is looking to help families in Dublin pay for their property, which costs €2,800 per month.

Zeals Resorts is one to one partner with Zanes Resorts, with the first €3,000 to be paid out in the next two weeks.

This means Zales will match any Airbnb booking in Dublin within two weeks for €3.50 per night, €5.50 for a single room and €10 for a double room.

Zones hotel, where the cash back is being offered, will also have a hostess who will be available for booking guests and will be able to make reservations on the spot.

“Our mission is to offer a platform for the hospitality industry to offer our guests a seamless experience and to offer affordable and secure housing options for our guests,” said Zales President, David O’Shea.

“We are also proud to partner with one of Ireland’s leading hotel brands, which offers affordable accommodation to guests in Dublin and throughout the country.

We look forward to working with our guests to provide them with the very best in Dublin accommodation.”

The cashback will be deposited into Zales Zealand Reserve Account within two to three weeks of booking.

The first €100 is paid out on arrival, and the next €3 will be paid on the date the booking is made.

A further €20 will be charged at the end of the booking and the remainder will be credited to the account.

The bank is not offering any cash back for people to pay for accommodation with credit cards or to get their property back.

Anyone booking from a Zales hostess or from a mobile phone is eligible for the cash reward.

Zees Zealands Reserve Account is open for deposits up to $100,000 per year.

For more information on Zales, visit or call the company on 051 077 0012.