How to get cash back on your Ulta membership card

You can earn cash back from Ulta cash rewards cards through the rewards program.

Here’s how.

If you use the card for a recurring monthly fee, you can use the points to pay for any of the following:Food, travel, entertainment, groceries, entertainment and merchandise purchases.

You can use up to $200 in points per $1 spent.

That’s enough to pay off the full cost of a ticket to Disneyland or Disney World, a two-night stay at Disney Resort, a one-night out of town trip or a new car.

Points can also be used to:Pay for any purchases with your card and pay off any balance.

Pay for your next vacation at Disney.

Pay your utility bill.

Pay the credit card balance in full.

The best way to get points is to make regular card payments.

The best way not to?

Don’t use your card.

The Ultimate Rewards program is available for all U.S. cardholders.

The cash back offers come with a number of restrictions and limits.

For more, see Ultimate Rewards FAQs.

The following points are no longer available:Points are earned on purchases made with the card, but there are no cash back points.

You can’t earn these points when you make purchases on-line, on mobile phones or online.

To earn a cash back credit, you need to pay the cash back fee on a recurring, annual or annual recurring monthly basis.

It’s called a payment.

You must have the card.

The amount you earn depends on the type of payment.

You’re allowed to use up as many points as you want at any time.

Points may not be applied to the same purchases you make each month.

You don’t have to make purchases with the same payment to receive points.

Payments can be made with cash, checks or wire transfers.

If the card is used for an international transaction, you must also make sure the card’s transaction fee is waived.

You have to pay any remaining balance from the purchase, even if you’re paying off your balance on the card the same month.

The points earn at the point value they represent.

This is not a cashback rate.

The maximum bonus is 0.2 percent of the value of the card at the time of your purchase.

You’ll earn a full cashback percentage, not a partial cashback, as long as you make your payments within 30 days.

If a payment fails, you’ll still receive points, but the maximum bonus will be less.

If you’re eligible for a bonus but don’t make the payments within a 30-day period, you won’t get the full bonus.

If your card isn’t in good standing, you may have to wait a month before redeeming the points.

If an account is closed, you might lose the points you earned on the transaction.

To recover the lost points, you will need to try to complete the purchase again.

Payment processing fees vary by card and may apply.

If there’s an issue with your account, you should check your account for issues.

You should also contact the credit reporting agency that deals with your personal information.

You may also be able to apply the points for credit towards other rewards you may qualify for.