How to get cash back on your online purchases

A new service from online shopping giant Bandier aims to change how you spend your cash back. 

The new Cash Back Plan, which will be available starting July 1st, will allow customers to buy a $1,000 annual card with a $10,000 value. 

Bandser says that in addition to offering a $2,500 credit, the card can be redeemed for $500 cash back and other perks. 

But how does it work?

Bandsers cash back plan is based on the concept of cash back and savings . 

Instead of giving you a cash back card every time you shop online, Bankser says its customers will be able to redeem the card for cash back at any time. 

And, the amount of money you get back is based solely on how much you spend in the past month. 

“When you shop with a card, it automatically gets credited to your account, and then if you make an online purchase you’ll be able transfer that amount into your account for the next month.

This is similar to how you use your credit card or a debit card. 

You don’t get credit for it, but you do get cash that can then be transferred into your bank account. 

This way you can earn back the money in a couple of months,” Benser explains. 

Additionally, the program offers a $5,000 cash back bonus to customers who sign up for the card, which gives them an additional $1.50 per transaction. 

 However, the new Cashback Plan doesn’t offer an annual fee. 

It can be used for purchases up to $5k in value per year. 

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