How to get a cash back credit card after your car is totaled

Get a cash-back credit card.

It’s a great option to have on hand to help pay for repairs.

Credit card companies will give you a cashback credit line for a maximum of $500 for a full year.

Some credit cards offer a bonus for spending $500 or more.

There’s also a $500 cashback bonus for your first $1,000 spent within 30 days.

It can also be used on any purchases over $1.00.

If you’re on a budget, you can also use your cash back on gas, groceries and other everyday purchases.

Some states require you to give a credit card company a 10% cashback rebate.

Cashback offers are valid for the first 30 days of your credit card’s first purchase.

You can redeem the money for gas, food, or other everyday items.

Some cards have bonus cashback for first year purchases, but not others.

Some offer cashback on all purchases, while others only offer a cash rebate on certain purchases.

What to expect in the first year