How to earn Kohls cashback in the backcountry with a trip to Alaska

Now that you know how to earn cashback from Kohls on your next backcountry trip, you may want to get some more in the winter months.

This is because Alaska’s weather can be tough to forecast and you can get in more than $2,000 worth of cashback with your first trip to the state.

Here’s everything you need to know about Alaska’s cashback:The Kohls Alaska program pays out cashback for up to $2.50 at any of the Kohls retail locations.

The rewards range from $1 to $25.00 per trip, depending on where you go.

For example, a $1 Kohls gift card can earn up to a $2 cashback at Kohls locations.

A $2 Kohls travel voucher can earn a $10 Kohls reward for each Kohls purchase.

If you’re interested in more cashback, check out our detailed guide to Alaska’s Kohls Cashback Rewards Program.