How to earn 1,000 Walgreens points in one week (free)

I love my Walgarts.

They have everything I need.

I’ve been using them for about two years now and they have been a major source of income for me.

I was recently given a few free points to spend on various online games and gadgets, so I thought I’d give it a shot. 

I’ll be honest: I was surprised at how much money I actually made off of this strategy. 

The first couple of weeks, I only earned around $15.50 each.

However, that quickly dropped to $11.00 by the end of the week.

That is a very solid return on my hard work.

I also did some very cool stuff to get more points. 

First, I bought a Samsung Galaxy S6.

That meant I could spend my points on Samsung Galaxy Note 7s. 

Next, I was able to buy an Xbox One S for $200.

This helped me buy a $30 game (which is awesome!) that I’m sure will be a huge hit. 

Finally, I purchased a GoPro Hero 4 Black.

It was a great camera and the video was incredible. 

And I did it all with no extra cost to me. 

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