How to buy new and used cars for the first time

Buying a new car is one of the easiest and most satisfying ways to start your life.

You’ll want to do it with the right kind of financing, you’ll want it quickly, and you’ll find it fun.

Here are our favorite ways to buy your first car.

If you’re a newbie to buying cars, read on for our guide to buying a new or used car.1.

Pay cash back on the first purchase 2.

Get a credit card or debit card that lets you pay online in cash 3.

Use cash back at a car wash or car dealership 4.

Buy a used car with cash back and pay cash back in cash 5.

Pay off the car loan with cash-back and use cash back for a second car 6.

Pay $1,000 cash back or use cash-free on a gas station 7.

Cash-back car loans 8.

Use a credit or debit account to pay off your car loan 9.

Get free car insurance or pay cash-off 10.

Get car insurance from an auto lender or buy insurance through your car’s insurer.


Use your credit card to pay for your car or a car loan 12.

Buy the latest model of car you want.


Go to a dealership to get a loan.

If it doesn’t work out, use your credit cards to buy a new vehicle.14.

Go on vacation or a trip and pay your car loans back using cash-out deals on travel vouchers or hotel rooms.15.

Use credit cards for your credit check or a credit score check, then pay cash out of your own pocket for car insurance.16.

Check with your bank to see if it’s possible to get your money back from a loan you made on a car you have not used.17.

Find out if it is legal to buy or rent a car with a credit, debit, or cash-backed card.18.

Use the cash-insurance benefits offered by credit cards.19.

Get cash-recovery insurance through the federal and state government.20.

Take out a credit line from a business or credit union.21.

Make a payment to your credit union for a car payment.22.

Go shopping for a new home.23.

Go for a test drive of a new SUV.24.

Pay your car finance with cash.25.

Go car shopping and get your first loan from a car finance company.26.

Get your first credit card from a credit union, bank, or bank branch.27.

Use money from your credit line to buy the newest model of a car.28.

Make monthly payments on your credit or auto loan through your credit company.29.

Go online to make a payment on your car payments.30.

Check out a car dealership to see what financing options are available.31.

Get insurance through an auto loan company or buy a car directly from the dealership.32.

Get gas for your new car.33.

Find a good deal online for your next car.34.

Use an online auto financing service to buy gas.35.

Use auto insurance to pay your next loan.36.

Use gas to pay the first loan.37.

Get an auto warranty.38.

Get or sell a used vehicle.39.

Use savings to pay down a loan or credit card.40.

Get credit on your next purchase.41.

Make an online payment using your credit.42.

Go out and buy a used or used-to-be vehicle.43.

Check your credit report for more details on your loan.44.

Get help from your financial advisor.45.

Get the best deal online or call a credit counselor.46.

Check a loan lender for loan terms and details.47.

Make payments on a credit agreement with a bank.48.

Make payment online using a creditcard.49.

Find information about a loan on your home loan or car loan.50.

Get advice from a financial planner.51.

Get answers to your financial questions.52.

Find help on a loan with an auto financing company.53.

Go home for a week and pay off the loan.54.

Check credit scores to see how much you owe.55.

Buy or rent with cash to pay a car lease.56.

Use funds to pay rent or rent car.57.

Find ways to save money on a new credit card by buying a credit limit card or credit checking.58.

Go in-person with your credit counselor to see the latest financing options.59.

Use tax breaks or other incentives to pay back a mortgage.60.

Check to see whether you have enough money to pay all of your taxes.61.

Get financing to pay taxes or utility bills.62.

Get loan forgiveness through your bank.63.

Get savings from a mortgage company.64.

Get finance from a savings bank.65.

Find savings or loans on your financial adviser.66.

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