How to buy a pair of jeans at Walmart

Walmart has finally rolled out the red carpet for its $10,000 cash back rewards program.

This month, the chain will be offering cash back for a pair or three of jeans.

Here are the basics to getting a pair: 1.

Pick a pair that you want to buy and pay for with cash 2.

Enter the promo code on your receipt and get a cash back of $10 in a Walmart store.

The store will then send you a receipt with instructions on how to pay the full amount and how to redeem your reward.

The promo code can be redeemed anytime within 30 days.


Complete the transaction and receive a $10 credit toward the purchase of your next pair of denim, with the amount depending on the size and style.


Cash back is only valid once per customer.


The cash back credit cannot be used to purchase goods or services, including on-line purchases.

This promotion is valid only on purchases made with Walmart Cash.

The code can only be redeemed at or a affiliate store.


Walmart is offering up to $25 back on your purchase for a maximum of 3 vouchers.

This offer is available for orders shipped to Walmart locations in the United States and Canada.

You can also redeem up to 3 vouchers for a total of $75.