How do I get a free Kmart voucher from the Australian Government?

A free KMart voucher will be available from Australian Government agencies and charities.

Read more: Australian Government agencies will offer free K Mart vouchers to citizens of all ages and income levels to celebrate National Cash Back Day.

Kmart will also offer vouchers to residents of its stores in New South Wales and Victoria.

Residents of those states and territories will be able to claim the vouchers from the Department of Human Services, Department of Education, the Australian Council for Refugees, the Federal Government, the Northern Territory Government, and the Western Australian Government.

Read more KMart will also provide vouchers to local councils in Victoria, NSW and Queensland, with the vouchers also available to residents in Western Australia.

These vouchers will be awarded to eligible residents for a limited time.

The Australian Government will also be donating up to $5,000 to the Salvation Army.

This money will be spent on programs for people in need.

There will be an opportunity to apply for a free voucher from Kmart at its Melbourne store.

If you want to find out more about Kmart’s National Cash Out Day offer, please contact the department.

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