Frys cashback offers up $20 off your next purchase

Frys is offering up $10 cash back on purchases made at participating retailers across the U.S. and Canada.

The company says it’s the first time it’s offered the offer.

The retailer says the offer is only available to those who have purchased at least $500 in Frys-branded products and purchases made in the past three months.

It’s the largest cash back offer in Fries history.

The offer is valid for new orders for up to three months, and purchases within the first three months of the account’s anniversary.

Frys says customers can also redeem the cash back within 72 hours.

This is Frys’ second cash back program in the U: Last year, it offered up $2,000 in cash back to customers who paid $200 or more in purchases at participating retail stores.

Fries says it plans to offer the same offer in 2019.

The cash back will be applied to your next cash purchase within 24 hours.

You’ll also receive an email when your order is processed.

Figs cash back offers are available at select Frys stores, including in North America, and online at