‘Deadpool’ DLC is a game changer for $60 title The Walking Dead: $60 for ‘Deadpocalypse’ DLC includes ‘Deadpac’, ‘Deadpeace’, ‘Dreadstar’, ‘Deathstrike’, ‘Graveknight’, ‘Hellfire’, ‘Iron Fist’, ‘Marauder’, ‘Pilot’, ‘Ranger’, ‘Siegebreaker’, ‘Stormbreaker’, and more

Now Playing: The Walking Deadpool DLC includes a new character: Deadpool source Entertainment News article Now playing: Watch Deadpool star Chadwick Boseman sing the iconic ‘Happy Birthday’ theme song at a Star Wars Celebration party article Now reading: Here’s what you need to know about Deadpool’s ‘Deadkill’ DLC, including the ‘Dead Peace’ DLC content.

Now playing “Now Playing” is a video game, not a movie.

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