Australia to roll out new $5,000 cashback rewards program

A $5 million Australian government program to roll-out cashback offers and rewards for people who make their first purchase through online stores will start this week.

Key points:The program will start at 6:00am on TuesdayThe program is designed to help encourage shopping online and retailers to make more of their customers’ purchasesThe cashback program will be administered by the Australian Retailers Association (ARAA) and the Retailers Federation of Australia (RFA)The program was launched by the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet in November and is aimed at encouraging people to shop online, especially by offering cashback on a range of products including groceries, cosmetics and clothing.

“We’re working with retailers to offer cashback at a range that they’ve chosen to offer, and to offer them to customers who make a first purchase via online retailers,” Treasurer Scott Morrison said on Wednesday.

“The programs are designed to make it easier for consumers to make their own purchase online, and also to help them make the most of their shopping experience and the shopping experience of their family, friends and partner.”

There’s a lot of work that needs to be done to get this right, but the results we’re seeing so far are really encouraging.

“It’s been a big step forward for our economy and a big boost to our retail industry.”

The cash-back program is intended to encourage people to spend more on goods and services, and retailers will receive a commission on every transaction.

It will be available on the National Broadband Network (NBN), mobile phones and the new Apple Pay mobile payment system.

The ARAA has said the program will offer the most significant financial rewards to those who make purchases online, with the cashback being paid out over time to the retail credit card holder.

The program has already been rolled out in New Zealand, where cashback has been available for six months.

The Australian Retail Commission has said a number of retailers are already participating in the program, and it is expected that more than 300 retailers will join the rollout in the coming weeks.

The RFA said it was keen to support the program and welcomed the introduction of cashback as a way to help promote retail.

“With our experience in the retail sector, we know that cashback is one of the best ways to get people to go shopping online, whether it’s at a store or online,” the RFA’s president Michael Collins said.

“Our members have told us that they enjoy making purchases online and seeing their cash back as a result.”

Cashback is a great way to support retailers in making their customers feel like they’re part of the economy and participating in its growth.””

The Australian Government is committed to encouraging more Australians to shop, to buy and to shop for their own products online, so we encourage retailers to adopt the cash back program and make more money online through their customers.

“The new program will cover online purchases made on the NBN and mobile phones, and will be rolled out on the Gold Coast in the first half of 2018.